Terms And Conditions


1.1 We may adapt these agreement and altitude at any time by after light this posting. You should browse this website from time to time then again accept agreement and conditions, because they are bounden on you. Certain accoutrement of these agreement and altitude may be abolished by especially appointed acknowledged notices or agreement amid on accurate pages of this Website. If you do not ambition to acquire any new agreement and altitude after wards we acquire accustomed notice, you should not abide to use this Website.


2.1 You are accounted to abide an adjustment with us by acclimation via our online checkout process. As allotment of our checkout activity you will be accustomed the befalling to analysis your adjustment and to actual any errors. We will forward you an adjustment acknowledgment, annual the articles you acquire ordered.
2.2 Our accepting of an adjustment takes abode if we change the adjustment cachet to pending. We will forward you a dispatch acceptance by email. If we dispatch the adjustment the acquirement arrangement will be fabricated even if your transaction has been candy immediately, unless we acquire notified you that we do not acquire your adjustment or you acquire annulled your order.
2.3 We may debris to acquire an order:
a. where appurtenances are not available;
b. where we cannot admission authorization for your payment;
c. if there has been a appeasement or artifact description error; or
d. if you do not accommodated any accommodation belief set out in our agreement and conditions.


3.1 Our prices Include Shipping to your Door so We do not charge any extra for Shipping, and there are no hidden charges, Mean you pay what you see.
3.2 Area we allegation alone for packing, carrying and allowance and added accordant charges, the adapted ante are set out in our authentic appeasement anatomy apparent abroad on this Website.
3.3 Our prices are advised periodically and we analyze the prices every end of the month.


4.1 If the order has been placed, you must inform us for any changes within 60 minutes after placing the order. If anything printed according to the design you approved, we will not refund any money and will not replace the order with new Design.
a. you can acquaint us by email to admin@EliquidBoxesCo.co.uk we acquire accomplished the appurtenances to you; Or
b. where appurtenances acquire already been accomplished to you, by abiding appurtenances to us in accordance with article 4.2 below.
c. If There is any problem with the order, Customer must inform us within 24 hours of receiving the goods in writing via Email. All the Faulty Goods must be returned within 3 days after you receive them. IF any of the item has been used, NO REFUND WILL BE GIVEN.
4.2 You can acknowledgment appurtenances you acquire ordered from us for any acumen at any time aural 14 canticle of cancellation for a abounding acquaintance or exchange. The costs of abiding appurtenances to us shall be borne by you.
4.3 Upon cancellation of the appurtenances we will accord you a abounding acquaintance of the bulk paid or an barter acclaim as required.
4.4 The rights to acknowledgment the appurtenances to us as referred to in article 4.3 will not administer in the afterward circumstances:
a. in the accident that the artifact has been used.
b. to any articles that we acquire fabricated or customized accurately for you The accoutrement of this article 4.4 does not affect your approved rights.


5.1 You are acceptable to book and download extracts from this Website for your own use on the afterward basis:
a. no abstracts or accompanying cartoon on this Website are adapted in any way;
b. no cartoon on this Website are acclimated alone from accompanying text;
c. any of our absorb and barter mark notices and this permission apprehension arise in all copies.
5.2 Unless contrarily stated, the absorb and added bookish acreage rights in all actual on this Website (including after-wards limitation photographs and graphical images) are endemic by us or our licensor. For the purposes of these agreement and conditions, any use of extracts from this Website added than in accordance with article 5.1 aloft for any purpose is prohibited. If you aperture any of the agreement in these agreement and conditions, your permission to use this Website automatically terminates and you accept to anon abort any downloaded or printed extracts from this Website.
5.3 Accountable to article 5.1, no allotment of this Website may be reproduced or stored in any added website or included in any accessible or clandestine cyber banking retrieval arrangement or annual after-wards our above-mentioned accounting permission.
5.4 Any rights not especially accepted in this agreement are reserved.


6.1 While we Endeavor to ensure that this Website is commonly accessible 24 hours a day, we will not be accountable if for any acumen this Website is bare at any time or for any period.
6.2 Admission to this Website may be abeyance briefly and after-wards apprehension in the case of arrangement failure, aliment or adjustment or for affidavit above our control.


7.1 Added than alone identifiable information, which is covered beneath the aloofness activity any actual you address or column to this Website will be advised non-confidential and non-proprietary. We will acquire no obligations with annual to such material. We and our nominees will be charge less to copy, disclose, distribute, absorb and contrarily use such actual and all data, images, sounds, argument and added things embodied therein for any and all bartering or non-commercial purposes.
7.2 You are banned from announcement or transmitting to or from this Website any material:
a. that is threatening, defamatory, obscene, indecent, seditious, offensive, pornographic, abusive, accountable to abet ancestral hatred, discriminatory, menacing, scandalous, inflammatory, blasphemous, in aperture of confidence, in aperture of aloofness or which may could cause acrimony or inconvenience;
b. for which you acquire not acquired all all-important licenses and/or approvals;
c. which constitutes or encourages conduct that would be advised a bent offense, accord acceleration to civilian liability, or contrarily be adverse to the law of or borrow the rights of any third party, in the UK or any added country in the world;
d. which is technically adverse (including, after-wards limitation, computer viruses, argumentation bombs, Trojan horses, worms, adverse components, besmirched abstracts or added awful software or adverse data).
7.3 You may not abuse the Website (including, after-wards limitation, by hacking).
7.4 We will absolutely co-operate with any law administration authorities or cloister adjustment requesting or administering us to acknowledge the character or locate anyone announcement any actual in aperture of clauses 7.2 or 7.3.

8. LINKS FROM OTHER WEBSITES (if in any case)

8.1 Links to third affair websites on this Website are provided alone for your convenience. If you use these links, you leave this Website. We acquire not advised all of these third affair websites and do not ascendancy and are not amenable for these websites or their agreeable or availability. We accordingly do not endorse or accomplish any representations about them, or any actual begin there, or any after-effects that may be acquired from application them. If you adjudge to admission any of the third affair websites affiliated to this Website, you do so absolutely at your own risk.
8.2 If you would like to hotlink to this Website, you may alone do so on the base that you hotlink to, but do not replicate, the home page of this Website, and accountable to the afterward conditions:
a. you do not remove, adapt or contrarily adapt the ad measurements or actualization of the www.EliquidBoxesCo.co.uk logo;
b. you do not actualize a anatomy or any added browser or bound ambiance about this Website;
c. you do not in any way betoken that we are acknowledging any articles or casework added than our own;
d. you do not adulterate your accord with us nor present any added apocryphal advice about us;
e. you do not contrarily use any www.EliquidBoxesCo.co.uk barter marks displayed on this Website after-wards our accurate accounting permission;
f. you do not hotlink from a website that is not endemic by you; And
g. your website does not accommodate agreeable that is distasteful, abhorrent or controversial, infringes any bookish acreage rights or added rights of any added being or contrarily does not accede with all applicative laws and regulations.
We especially assets the adapted to abjure the adapted accepted in this article 8.2 for aperture of these agreement and to yield any activity we annual appropriate.
8.3 You shall absolutely atone us for any accident or accident we or any of our accumulation companies may ache or acquire as a aftereffect of your aperture of article 8.2.


9.1 There is not registration form or account yet. We believe there shouldn't be one though our chat support, emails and call service is available for any data/information exchange.


10.1 While we Endeavor to ensure that the advice on this Website is correct, we do not accreditation the accurateness and abyss of the actual on this Website. We may accomplish changes to the actual on this Website, or to the articles and prices declared in it, at any time after-wards notice. The actual on this Website may be out of date, and we accomplish no charge to amend such material.
10.2 The actual on this Website is provided after-wards any conditions, warranties or added agreement of any kind. Accordingly, to the best ad measurements acceptable by law, we accommodate you with this Website on the base that we exclude all representations, warranties, altitude and added agreement (including, after wards limitation, the altitude adumbrated by law of satisfactory quality, exercise for purpose and the use of reasonable affliction and skill) which but for these agreement and altitude ability acquire aftereffect in affiliation to this Website.


11.1 We, any added affair (whether or not complex in creating, producing, advancement or carrying this Website), and any of our accumulation companies and the officers, directors, employees, shareholders or agents of any of them, exclude all accountability and albatross for any bulk or affectionate of accident or accident that may aftereffect to you or a third affair (including after wards limitation, any direct, indirect, castigating or consequential accident or damages, or any accident of income, profits, goodwill, data, contracts, use of money, or accident or amercement arising from or affiliated in any way to business interruption, and whether in abomination (including after wards limitation negligence), arrangement or otherwise) in affiliation with this Website in any way or in affiliation with the use, disability to use or the after-effects of use of this Website, any websites affiliated to this Website or the actual on such websites, including but not bound to accident or accident due to bacilli that may affect your computer equipment, software, abstracts or added acreage on annual of your admission to, use of, or browsing this Website or your downloading of any actual from this Website or any websites affiliated to this Website. We do not accept any liability to meet any dead line. If the order is delayed because of any reason, you will give some kind of compensation. We can not say what compensation but it should be enough to cover the delay. Due to the sensitive printing business, we do not offer refund in any case after job is approved for printing.
11.2 Nothing in these agreement and altitude shall exclude or absolute our accountability for;
a. death or claimed abrasion acquired by apathy (as such appellation is authentic by the Unfair Arrangement Agreement Act 1977);
b. fraud;
c. misrepresentation as to a axiological matter; or (iv) any accountability which cannot be afar or bound beneath applicative law.
11.3 If your use of actual on this Website after-effects in the charge for servicing, adjustment or alteration of equipment, software or data, you accept all costs thereof.
11.4 You accede to atone us fully, avert and authority us, and our officers, directors, advisers and agents, controllable from and adjoin all claims, liability, damages, losses, costs (including reasonable acknowledged fees) arising out of any aperture of the agreement and altitude by you, or your use of this Website, or the use by any added being application your allotment details.


12.1 These agreement and altitude shall be absolute by and construed in accordance with English law. Disputes arising in affiliation with these agreement and altitude shall be accountable to the absolute administration of the English courts.
12.2 We do not accreditation that materials/items for auction on the Website are adapted or accessible for use alfresco the United Kingdom. It is banned to admission the Website from territories area its capacity are actionable or unlawful. If you admission this Website from locations alfresco the United Kingdom, you do so at your own accident and you are amenable for acquiescence with bounded laws.


13.1 You may not assign, sub-license or contrarily alteration any of your rights beneath these agreement and conditions
13.2 If any accoutrement of these agreement and altitude is begin by any cloister of competent administration to be invalid, the affliction of that accoutrement will not affect the authority of the actual accoutrement which shall abide to acquire abounding force and effect.